How Powerful is a Brand?

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Richard Rimer

March 11, 2022

Brands are the most efficient form of communication in commerce. This communication is so powerful that even the illiterate understand it. One of my favorite stories demonstrates this very well. 

Many years ago, I was driving my 2-year-old daughter around in a different part of town and was surprised to hear her say “Daddy, there’s a Publix.”  She was right, and I immediately assumed I had the smartest 2-year-old in the world.  My dreams of Ivy League scholarships came crashing down when she then said, “I see the P in a circle.”  

The logo for Publix is so powerful that even a 2-year-old knows what it means.  I knew that in her head she had visions of Dad taking her inside so she could get a sugar cookie, while I was wondering what BOGO deals were available that week.  Regardless, we each instantly had an emotional response to this distinctive brand. 

I happen to be a fan of Publix, so my inclination was to go inside. I have friends that prefer other grocery stores, and they would not have my response. Either way, the very simple P inside a circle serves as a powerful device to everyone familiar with Publix. Publix has gone to great lengths to protect this symbol to ensure that other companies don’t use it to capitalize on Publix’s good name.

If you have a business, you have a brand. You’ve worked hard to provide the perfect level of service to your customers, and your brand is the tool your customers use to find you. This makes your brand an asset. You need to protect this asset to ensure others don’t confuse your customers. Call me and we can discuss how you can accomplish this.