Is Your Brand Dicey?

Likelihood of Confusion

Richard Rimer

May 12, 2023

Did you know that you can be sued based on the brand you use?

WOuld you trust me to do your marketing? Of course not! So why would your trust your marketing firm or brand agent to do a legal search. A brand agent will conduct marketing research when creating your name, but many people incorrectly assume that this also means that the brand has been cleared from a legal perspective.

The proper step is to ask a lawyer to also conduct a search to determine the risk associated with your use of the brand. Be sure the lawyer practices in this specific area of law (i.e., trademark law as opposed to divorce, employment, patent, etc.). Our firm offers this search for $275.

Failing to take this step may expose you to unnecessary risk.

Brands can be tricky. Some professionals can make them powerful to grow your business. I protect these brands to make sure you are the only one who benefits from your hard work.