Initiating Protection provides brand protection services to businesses of all sizes, and during all portions of a brand’s life cycle.  We accomplish this by creating a personal connection with clients, using both modern software and old-fashioned relationships.

At Initiating Protection, we recognize that each brand is unique, as are the needs of each brand owner.  We do not offer a “one size fits all” plan.  We provide a free 30-minute consultation for every new client.  This meeting is essential as this represents the beginning of a relationship that will allow us to serve you as you desire.  During this meeting we will listen your situation, and will use this information to present customized options along with pricing for those options.

Our clients include the extremes; from people with a dream to those with long-established and successful businesses.  In the pre-launch phase, we can provide counsel to ensure the chosen brand is protectable, assess the risk that the brand can be used without a high probability of attracting a lawsuit from an existing brand owner, and devise a strategy to maximize the legal protection of the brand.  As we stay involved with the brand owner, we can maintain and/or adjust this protection as the brand changes, and also suggest strategies related to brand enforcement.  For established brands, we assess both the position of the brand and current protection strategy (if any), then devise a plan that will adjust the protection strategy for the brand’s current needs.

Our brand protection services include the ability to support transactions.  We can draft, revise and/or consult on deals as varied as simple license agreements to complex distribution agreements.  We can serve as subject matter experts for intellectual property due diligence in purchase agreements, and we have a particular expertise in advising in exit planning.  Finally, our service offerings do not stop at the US border.  Initiating Protection has an extensive network of foreign counsel who can represent our clients in over one hundred countries. 

Initiating Protection strives to earn your trust.  We want to get to know you so that we can provide the brand protection service that fits you today, and maintain a relationship so that we can modify our advice as your business grows.

Isn’t it time that you began Initiating Protection?