An important early step for companies just starting out is to create a brand. This brand serves as your company’s identity, how potential customers see your company and how your company is identified. Over time, your aim is for your target customers to further recognize your brand and to have an emotional response when they see your name, logo, packaging, or anything else that identifies your company. Branding services can help with this.

How do you protect your brand once it is established? This is where Initiating Protection can help. Our firm specializes in identifying the unique elements of your brand. Legally, these elements are trademarks or copyrighted works. The parts that make up your brand identity are capable of legal protection, and in many cases, enhanced legal protection. At Initiating Protection, we can help your company protect its brand and make it so no one else profits from these brands.

How Branding Services Prevent Abuse

There are numerous forms of brand abuse that can negatively affect your brand. While many people think of bad faith infringement of your branding, other examples include counterfeiting, rogue websites, and piracy threats. Protecting against these involves a series of protection from disparate areas of the law including trademark, copyright, and patent.

Why Brand Protection Is Important

With the business world being more competitive and fast-paced, it is important to secure protection for your company’s identity. When you leave your brand unprotected, you allow copycats and even your competition to take advantage. This can result in confusion, or diminish the reputation that you’ve put into your brand.

There are additional benefits to protecting your brand identity. For example, it allows you to spend less time fighting potential counterfeiters and instead focus on your core business. Brand protection also helps you maintain your company’s reputation. Non-authentic versions of your brand identity can lead to an overall negative perception—damage that may take thousands of dollars and man-hours to correct. Having a complete solution that protects your brand minimizes the risk to your reputation.

How Brand Protection Works

There are four broad categories that comprise brand protection.  First is searching, in which you determine if your company can use its brands as you plan, and how broadly your company can claim rights in the brand.  Next, there is registration, which can be any action that results in your company gaining authenticated rights to a brand.  Third, there is policing, which describes any step that identifies potential infringement, dilution, or tarnishment of your brand.  Finally, enforcement is where your company takes action to defend its rights.

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With online business expanding rapidly, you want to make sure the brand you’ve worked hard to build is properly protected. Initiating Protection helps by recognizing the parts of your brand that best identify you, and works to protect these elements. Call or e-mail us today to learn more about our solutions and how we can help you.