The police do not monitor intellectual property. It’s on the brands themselves to keep third parties from using their IP in an unauthorized manner. At Initiating Protection, we focus on creating IP enforcement strategies that allow you to identify possible infringement. This can include anything from unauthorized usage to a third party registering a brand similar to yours. In addition, should an IP violation occur, we help develop actions to enforce your rights. 

How IP Enforcement is Defined

Each type of intellectual property offers its own kinds of rights and protections. Whether it’s copyrights, patents, or trademarks, there are many concerns to consider. These include having the ability to sell, license, profit, or distribute a piece of property. Also, if a third party does infringe on existing rights, you have the ability to take action to enforce rights for your property. As defined, IP enforcement is the legal action you take to protect and maintain your IP rights. In addition, it also covers the methods used to obtain compensation for infringement.

Methods of Enforcing Intellectual Property

Enforcement of intellectual property requires the IP itself to be completely protected. There are multiple ways to handle enforcement. The first step usually involves sending a cease and desist letter. However, before doing so, typically you review the infringer with due diligence. This step allows you to plan an enforcement strategy unique to that specific instance of infringement. Accordingly, a cease and desist letter will promptly end infringement and avoid litigation. When properly worded, it may be sufficient in terms of getting the desired result. However, if the letter is unsuccessful, you may need to file a civil lawsuit. There are other ways to resolve these matters, including something as simple as entering a settlement agreement all the way to ordering a raid and seizure of counterfeit goods or reporting the infringement to state or federal authorities who may recommend possible criminal action.

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You want the intellectual property of your brand properly protected. At Initiating Protection, we help you detect potential infringement from third parties and create strategies to keep your brand marks secure. Call or e-mail us today to learn more about our enforcement services and how we can help you.