Buyers of a business want the intellectual property transferred to them. Should an issue occur during the transfer process, such as not capturing or accounting for the transfer, it can lead to frustrations or worse. At Initiating Protection, our team works with your transaction counsel to act as a subject matter expert. By doing so, you are able to avoid potential issues during transfers. In addition, you ensure that the IP transaction will successfully go to the proper owner.

Typical Issues

The ownership of IP is not intuitive.  It is not uncommon for a deal to dissolve over simple items. These may include an original founder not letting go of their rights to important software code. Or if a contractor from a previous agency owns a crucial piece of marketing. Accounting for these oddities separates someone who is tracking the transfer of the asset from someone who truly understands how intellectual property works.

What is Focused On

By hiring a team that handles intellectual property, there are multiple areas they are able to review during a transfer. These include drafting and negotiating licenses, due diligence services for financial support, as well as the monetization and valuation of the IP itself. In addition, a counsel can assist with the sale and purchase of the intellectual property’s rights as well as any effects resulting from IP legislation.

Contact Us For IP Transaction Support

If you are either buying or selling a business, you want to transfer any associated IP without major issues. Doing so prevents the risk of issues that can impede the transaction process. Initiating Protection serves as the intermediary counsel to make the transfer process go as smoothly as possible. Our attorneys handle transfers of both domestic and international intellectual property. Contact us today to learn more about our services.