Brand Health Check

What’s In a Name?

Your company name is one of the most important assets your company has. It is likely the #1 way customers find you. While this is good news, there is a real risk that your brand can be the very thing that destroys your company. Big businesses usually manage this risk by hiring expensive law firms to protect them. Meanwhile, small businesses cross their fingers hoping that their brands generate sales and not catastrophes.

Small businesses deserve better!

Our founder left the high-priced firms in 2021 to establish Initiating Protection. This law firm is dedicated to helping you with brand protection. Brand protection always begins with searching. The search results are much like turning on a flashlight when walking outside at night. You will understand your path so you don’t run into danger.

Initiating Protection offers a Brand Health Check at a price appropriate for small businesses. You will receive a written summary which addresses the following:


Your Brand


What risk does your brand pose to your business?

Your Rights


What specific steps should you take to increase your rights in your brand?

Your Brand


How strong are your legal rights in your brand?

Your Rights


How much will it cost to increase your rights in your brand?

This service includes a 30-minute phone call with an attorney to make sure you understand both the results and the proposed next steps.

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