USPTO Review of Identification of Goods and Services

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Richard Rimer

February 13, 2022

Trademark applications are reviewed by the USPTO to ensure the application meets certain requirements.  There are many resources that can be used to reduce cost and increase the chances of success.  Our firm uses these resources to our clients’ advantage.   

One item the USPTO must check is whether the items identified as being connected with the brand are clear and unambiguous, and classified correctly.  There is a list of pre-approved identifications that are automatically accepted and using them reduces the filing fee.  Our firm knows how to add items to this list to let you take advantage of the list.

Jenn works for a company that creates new technology.  The products are unreal and, before now, did not exist.  She has a lot on her plate and wants the trademark process to be smooth.  Our firm contacted the USPTO and had these brand new items added to the preapproved list just for Jenn! 

Your inventor friend is always showing you a new gizmo he created for his company.  Tell him you know a firm who can make the unfamiliar seem familiar, and make the brand new become pre-approved.