USPTO Review – Response Period

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Richard Rimer

March 11, 2022

Trademark applications complete a process known as prosecution before they become registered.  The first step is a review by the USPTO to ensure the application meets certain requirements.  I have state of the art software which helps me track the prosecution status for all the records I handle.

If the government issues a refusal, the applicant has six months to respond.  The application becomes abandoned if a response is not filed in a timely manner.  While responding immediately is usually the best course, this is not always true and sometimes it is not possible.  I make sure we do not lose track of the deadlines. 

I helped Jill begin the brand protection process before her business opened.  Months after filing the application, I discussed the minor issues presented by the USPTO and learned that she was about to open her store.  I recommended that we wait to respond to the USPTO issues until we could also claim her brand was in use, thus saving her time and money.

I’m a good fit for the business owner with too much on his plate.  Set up a three-way lunch meeting with me, and I’ll make sure he enjoys what is on his plate.