The USPTO Review Process

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Richard Rimer

May 20, 2022

What’s in a name?  Branding tells a story, and it provides a way for your customers to find a specific company.  I help eliminate the confusion as those customers are looking for their favorite business.

When registering a brand, the second step is a review by the United States Patent and Trademark Office (aka, the government).  This review occurs about 9 months after an application has been filed, and you have 6 months to respond to any comments.  And there will be comments—that’s part of how the USPTO grades its examiners.

Shannan called me after her client received a complicated set of comments from the USPTO.  She knew that I had the experience to decipher their jargon and chart a path forward, and that I knew what the latest “hot issues” were with the USPTO.  I helped her client get past those issues.

You are thinking about using LegalZoom for filing your own trademark application.  Filing the application may look easy, but how will LegalZoom help you respond to the comments that are sure to come?  I know how to map a smooth journey for your road to registration.