The US Trademark Application Process

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Richard Rimer

May 17, 2022

What’s in a name?  Companies use their name to help them stand out from their competitors.  I can help your company register its name so you can push back when someone uses a similar name.

There are 4 steps to registering a brand, starting with filing an application.  This step is the quickest, mainly because there is no government delay.  I can use the results from the search to craft a combination of the brand and items sold under the brand that will maximize the available protection for your company.

A recent client was concerned that competitors would begin using similar brands to attract their customers. I explained that I could enhance their brand rights by registering the brand, thus giving them a big stick to swing if the competitors did start copying their brand.

Your company just got a new brand and are starting to promote it like crazy. You obviously used that great brand agency I recommended. Do you want your brand to remain unique? I know the other brand agencies will try to mimic your brand when serving your competitors. Your current rights are weak; I can file an application that will move you towards enhancing the rights in your brand.