US Registration: You Must Use Your Brand


Richard Rimer

May 30, 2022

What’s in a name?  A company’s logo is art with a purpose, and you don’t want knock-off versions.  I provide protection that can punish scofflaws.

The USPTO will not issue a registration for a brand until that brand is not in use.  The words “in use” are highly regulated in this area, and there are many rules to consider when you are filing examples of use with the USPTO.  For example, an advertisement for a product would NOT be accepted as acceptable evidence of use. Not to worry, because Richard knows these rules well and can act as the master for your clients’ brand protection.

You currently have a cool project in process. It’s an improved kitchen gadget and you have started talking to Target about selling it next year.  Best yet? you’ve got a cool name for this gizmo! I know Target said it wouldn’t steal the name from you, but do you really want to leave that to chance? Call me to take steps to protect your rights.