Trademark Clearance Search

Richard Rimer

January 6, 2023

Have you cleared your brand? Maybe you prefer gambling. Maybe you hope you won’t receive a cease-and-desist letter (or lawsuit) telling you that you have to change your name, pay your profits to the other party and pay their lawyer’s fees.

Your brand is not available for use just because you:
– registered your business name with the Secretary of State,
– got a business license from your county, and/or
– got a domain name that includes your company name.
While these are important steps, none of them are the same as clearing a brand name. None of these are an excuse from infringement. Perhaps most shockingly, none of these authorize a company to use its name as a brand.

Ignorance is not an excuse! A company you have never heard of can sue you for trademark infringement and win.

Get a legal opinon that your brand is available for use. This is the only way to assure you will not become a bad faith user of your brand. Why should you care? Bad faith filers may have to pay an amount triple their profits if they are infringing someone else’s brand. This legal opinion is NOT EXPENSIVE. Not getting this opinion can be extraordinarily expensive.

Call us to see how we can clear your brand, and reduce the risk that you will be an unknowing infringer.