Taco Tuesday with a side of Cease and Desist

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Richard Rimer

January 17, 2023

Did you see the story about the taco restaurant that got sued over its name? Juan Ramos opened his store named Taco Chon’s in 2019. Three years later, a chain named Taco John’s learned about this small business and sued Mr Ramos for trademark infringement. The suit demands that they stop using the Taco Chon’s name; pay triple the profits they had earned since 2019; and pay Taco John’s legal fees. Taco John’s claims it is merely trying to stop Taco Chon’s from confusing customers. Taco Chon’s claims that Taco John’s is being a trademark bully. I think Taco Chon’s will be forced to change its name and start over from scratch.

I see this story all the time. Clients are often referred to me after they receive a demand letter. While I can certainly help navigate clients through these rough patches, I am far more effective for clients who see me before they attract bad attention.

Do you want to avoid being the next Taco Chon’s? Call me and ask about my Brand Health Check. For only $275 I can help you understand both the risk and potential rewards available in your brand,

Please stop relying on acts that have nothing to do with brand protection. Having your name registered with the secretary of state does not matter in this world. Having a url, a business license or a name created by a professional branding agency also does not matter. Your only remedy is brand protection.

This is a tough lesson for a small business. I want to prevent you from being next.