Your Google Search is Just the Beginning

Richard Rimer

May 17, 2023

What are you looking for?  Searching on Google can reveal so much information, and Google searches can certainly be a useful tool for uncovering useful material that can inform you about your brand rights, but do you know where to find this data and what to do with it?

I’ve had a number of clients come to me and tell me what they’ve learned about their brand from a quick internet search.  This is usually followed by the question “what does this mean?”  I know for every one client like this, there are dozens of small business owners going this alone.

What I usually tell my clients is that, in isolation, the information they found could mean… However, the world is no in isolation, and I need to look at all of the relevant data to make an assessment.

Brand counsel uses various tools specifically engineered to find useful information about the brand rights of third parties. Once they digest this targeted information, they can then form opinions about the risks of your brand, and the opportunities that may be present.

So go ahead, perform that Google search.  Learn all you can about the brand you want to use.  Then call me to share this as I begin a professional search for you.  (Still just $275.)