Trademark Applications based on Foreign Registrations

registered trademark trademark 39027

Richard Rimer

January 15, 2022

The last post was about gaining US trademark rights based on foreign trademark applications.  I mentioned how easy that process is.  Guess what?  It is even easier to get US trademark rights from a foreign registration.

Each filing basis has a different path to registration.  This path is by far the simplest. From my perspective, these types of filings come from two separate paths. First, occasionally I have direct contact with a foreign company moving to the US. I can coordinate with them to identify their foreign registrations and use these to file applications to register the same brands in the US. Second, I have created a network of dozens of law firms in nearly 100 countries.  Many of these law firms call on me to file US applications for their foreign clients.

I want to meet your friend who just transferred with his company to the US from another country.  He’s been asked to establish a US base of operations.  Ask him if he’s thought about whether his foreign brands will be protected in the US, and encourage him to get this process going while he’s learning how great our business community is.  Once you’ve got his interest, tell him you know a guy, and arrange a 3-way call.