Trademark Applications based on Foreign Applications

registered trademark symbol 709695

Richard Rimer

January 10, 2022

Business owners come in all shapes and sizes. We typically think of a member of our community who wants to add value to their hometown. Thanks to a good friend, I recently met people from other countries who want to invest in our country.

One way to seek US trademark rights is based on an application in a foreign country. Thanks to various treaties, this method has many advantages including enhanced priority dates and not having to show the brand is used in the US.

Patrick helps foreign companies sell their products in the US. His expertise is logistics, but his customers wanted to know that their brands could be used in the US. I reviewed his customer’s global trademark rights and suggested we extend these foreign rights to the US.

I want to meet the shipping logistics expert in your life. They get products to and from the US. Ask them if they want a competitive advantage for their services, then let them know I can easily help their foreign clients obtain US trademark rights.