Spectrum of Distinctiveness – Fanciful Brands

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Richard Rimer

July 13, 2022

It’s summertime!  And we all know what that means—we celebrate the spectrum of distinctiveness!  Today I honor my client David E.; he is my only client with a fanciful name.  A fanciful brand is either a made-up term or an archaic term that is out of common usage.  These brands are the highest category on the spectrum of distinctiveness which means they have very broad rights.

It is very common to see these terms used for pharmaceuticals and hi tech, and the client who will take my advice.  These terms are initially disfavored by marketers because the brand doesn’t tell the public what the goods are, however marketers love to get their hands on these ultra-unique brands once the public knows what the brand is.

David is smart in many ways.  Right now he is famous throughout Cobb County and Metro Atlanta, but one day his company will be in the Fortune 500. When that day comes, he will have no problem defending his brand from the companies that will try to trade off his goodwill.  Don’t you think your company will be a success?  Doesn’t it deserve a highly distinctive brand too?