The Cost of Picking a Bad Brand

Richard Rimer

July 19, 2022

Many people don’t realize that using a brand can lead to liability.  Specifically, you can be sued by someone who is already using a similar brand.  Costs related to this could be anywhere from $5000 to negotiate a resolution which would likely limit your use of your brand, to $10,000 to engage in a back and forth with the opposing attorney, all the way up to $500,000+ to fight an infringement lawsuit.  Further, if the court finds you have been using your brand in bad faith, it can require that you pay the other side three times your profits and pay for their legal fees. You can greatly reduce the risk that these costs will blindside you if you get my Brand Health Assessment, which is available for $275 for a limited time.

Kathy started Jana Bananas last year.  She registered this company with the state and the IRS, had a marketing firm create a logo and even acquired the .net web address.  She didn’t realize that the company that owned the .com web address could still sue her, and those legal fees drove her out of business.  Don’t let your friend slip up.  Lawsuits can destroy the fruits of her labor! Tell her about my very appealing $275 service.