Is Your Brand Hazardous?

Richard Rimer

May 12, 2023

Did you know that the law impacts your brand?

This week’s post is about employer identification numbers (EINs). Much like a social security number, this is the number the IRS assigns to companies to help track their tax issues. While the number each business is assigned is unique, that does NOT mean that the IRS has checked to make sure the company has a unique name.

Of course getting an EIN is a common step many companies take while they are organizing. Many companies think that this step gives them rights to use their company name as a brand. This is incorrect.

Did you know that this may be a sign that you are infringing someone else’s rights?

Brands can be tricky. Some professionals can make them powerful to grow your business. I protect these brands to make sure you are the only one who benefits from your hard work.