Legal Protection from Trademark Registrations

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Richard Rimer

April 27, 2022

Have you heard of the Commerce Clause? This part of the Constitution grants the government the ability to regulate business activity, and I know how to use it to make the government protect your interests. Registering your brand gives you certain rights, including presumptive rights to use your brand throughout the US, presumptive right of ownership and putting others on notice of your rights.

Bob ran his flooring company from one location for years. He wanted to grow, and needed a way to lock down his rights in his brand in all 50 states. We registered his brand to make sure he had nationwide rights, which gave him the security in his brand he needed to grow as he planned.

Your most loyal customer is going through a change. She lost 15 pounds, wears flashier clothes and bought a sports car. She also updated her staid brand. Ask her if she is planning to grow her business, and let her know I can help her ensure her brand is ready for the ride.